New Patients

How to Register as a New Patient

We are welcoming new patients.

To register with our practice:

Unfortunately, we cannot register patients by telephone.

Please provide your NHS number on the registration forms. It can be found on the NHS website by clicking here.

Identification: You do not have to provide ID when registering with a GP, but it is helpful to do so. If you have a completed medical card, please also hand it in.  Please provide the practice with your NHS number - this will quicken the transfer of your medical records. 

To register

To register at the practice please complete the forms below (it is important that the contact details for all parents / carers is given for patients aged under 18) they can be printed and bought into reception or emailed to the practice email on 


New Patient Questionnaire


Assignment of Usual GP

All patients at the practice are allocated a named accountable GP who is responsible for their overall care at the practice. This is referred to as your 'Usual GP'. If you are not aware of your Usual GP, please ask a member of staff.

We encourage you to see your Usual GP where possible, particularly for ongoing problems, so we can provide a better continuity of care.  If he/she is fully booked, you can ask for an appointment with another doctor. 


Change of Personal Details

Please inform the practice immediately if you change your name, telephone number, or move to a new address.

If you wish to change your name, please bring a copy of any relevant documentation such as marriage certificate or deed poll. 

Click here to complete a Change of Details Form

It is essential that we keep our records up to date in case of an emergency or hospital referral.

The name of your nearest relative or carer is useful if you live alone.

If you move outside the practice boundary, you will be asked to register at a practice closer to your new home. Our practice boundary limits the distance that we can travel for home visits.


You may be asked if you either care for someone or have a carer. If you are the main carer for a relative/friend and would like to be officially recognised, please inform the practice by completing the following form:

Tell Us You’re a Carer Form

For further information on Carers, telephone the Worcester Association of Carers on 01905 751340 or the 24 hour helpline 0300 012 4272.

The website is

Temporary Patient Registrations

If you need to see a doctor while away from home or if you are not registered with a doctor, you can receive emergency treatment from the local GP practice for 14 days. After 14 days, you will need to register as a temporary or permanent patient.

You can be registered as a temporary patient for up to three months. This will allow you to be on the local practice list and still remain a patient of your permanent GP. After three months, you will have to re-register as a temporary patient or permanently register with that practice.

To register as a temporary patient, simply contact the local practice you wish to use. Practices do not have to accept you as a temporary patient although they do have an obligation to offer emergency treatment.

You cannot register as a temporary patient at a practice in the town or area where you are already registered.

Non-English Speakers

Below you will find fact sheets in various languages.

The fact sheets explain the UK health services and the National Health Service (NHS) to newly-arrived individuals seeking asylum.

They cover issues such as what GPs do, how to register and how to use emergency services.